Fall 2020 Feature Updates

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The best things come in small packages, including these fall feature updates that are now live at Rival IQ.

Tune in below as our resident data geek, founder, and Head of Product/Marketing Seth Bridges outlines all of the newest changes to your Rival IQ toolset. These fall features are designed to integrate seamlessly into your product usage for faster and more efficient social media data analysis.

Feature Updates Video Walkthrough

The new feature updates include:

Watch the quick 7-minute video to see these new features in action as Seth walks through a skincare landscape with Kate Somerville skincare as the focus company.

Advanced Boolean Search in Post Tagging

With the post tagging features, we perform a quick analysis of Kate Somerville Instagram post performance with a specific emphasis on partnered and giveaway style campaigns. Seth uses the new advanced boolean capabilities of the post tagging features including “AND/NOT” and “Include/Exclude” queries for a deeper understanding of content performance.

Custom Dashboard At-a-glance Widgets

Seth also uses this skincare landscape to demonstrate the new custom dashboard at-a-glance widgets which include the advanced post tagging capabilities as well as new additions to the focus company. These widgets can be customized for slices of your data like auto-grouping based on time periods and adding in benchmarked averages in the main metrics for your focus company metric summary panel.

More fall features

Along with these great features explained in the video, we made some small but mighty changes to your abilities within the app. We’ve extended all data limits to now be able to look at year-over-year and two-year comparisons with 100 companies. If you have more than 200 companies you can now look back an entire year.

Plus, you can now add more companies to your account in increments of 1-5 without having to contact your CSM. You can add to your company count in the subscription settings of the app.

Wrapping it up

These latest features are an expansion of our updated Automated Insights and Expanded Competitive Benchmarking feature set from September. If you’d like a refresher on what else is new, catch this video walkthrough that demonstrates how to utilize automated insights and the competitive benchmarking features.

We’re thrilled to roll out these newest features and hear what you think, so if you have feedback please reach out to your designated CSM or DM us on Twitter.

Christina Everett

Christina is a startup fanatic and an analytics wizard with a serious passion for all things marketing. At Rival IQ she's focused on optimizing our technical SEO, sending out all our emails, advertising, and partnerships. When she’s not working on the latest marketing automation hack or color-coding all our marketing plans, she can be found playing team sports and hiking around the PNW.

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