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Google Data Studio is a great tool for displaying your social media data in easy-to-use dashboards that anyone can access and understand, from your clients to your CEO.

Luckily, with our Google Data Studio connector, you can get all of your Rival IQ social media metrics into a beautiful and simple dashboard in about 30 minutes. Watch me in this quick training webinar as I overview Rival IQ’s Google Data Studio capabilities and show you live how to create a functional social media analytics dashboard.

Here’s the video!


Getting started with Google Data Studio? Follow along as you’re getting set up! If you need any help as you go, feel free to email Customer Success and we’ll walk you through getting access to all the data insights you’re looking for.

Plus, create your own versions of the reports we walked through together with these handy Google Data Studio dashboard templates:

Get the most out of your Rival IQ toolset when you watch the past recordings and join upcoming webinars in theĀ Learning Rival IQ webinar series.

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