Google Analytics in Rival IQ: How To Up Your SEO Game

Training Webinar

Google Analytics doesn’t have to be complicated. Let’s walk through GA and Rival IQ’s integration, so you’re ready to tackle Organic Search.

Ready to master Google Analytics in Rival IQ and step up your SEO game? This quick 30-minute training webinar overviews Rival IQ’s integration with Google Analytics and how to get started maximizing your time and analysis to change the way you look at SEO.

Check out the recording, where I walk through:

Having this video on hand as you get started setting up your Google Analytics within Rival IQ is a great way to familiarize yourself in the app. If you need any help getting started, feel free to email Customer Success for more info.

Here’s the video! 

Master the entire Rival IQ toolset through the past recordings and upcoming webinars in the Learning Rival IQ webinar series.

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Cat Martinez

With experience as a business owner, Cat brings a true sense of understanding to the marketing challenges our customers face. Whether at Digg Fitness or Grand Canyon University, she’s spent much of her career honing her client success skills. Originally from El Paso, she now resides in Seattle and can be found chatting away, giving demos, and making marketing waves with Rival IQ's loyal customer base.

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