The Ultimate Q&A: Top Rival IQ Questions Answered

Training Webinar

New to Rival IQ or ready for a refresher course?

I’m Cat Martinez, Customer Success Manager at Rival IQ and in this training webinar I broke down the top questions we get from Rival IQ users and customers with real-time examples in our products.

Watch as I demonstrate how to solve these commonly asked questions that address platform API integrations, your customization settings, and most importantly, how you can get the most value out of your Rival IQ account.

In the video, we review:

Here it is!

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Cat Martinez

With experience as a business owner, Cat brings a true sense of understanding to the marketing challenges our customers face. Whether at Digg Fitness or Grand Canyon University, she’s spent much of her career honing her client success skills. Originally from El Paso, she now resides in Seattle and can be found chatting away, giving demos, and making marketing waves with Rival IQ's loyal customer base.

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