SEO and SEM in Rival IQ: A Training Webinar


In this training webinar, one of our founders, Seth Bridges, walks through how to analyze, identify and report on keywords, positioning and more for SEO and SEM success using Rival IQ.

Just because you’ve written content, does not guarantee shares, engagement, and virality. Improving how your content performs will reflect in your social media reporting. While it’s possible the content sucks, more often than not, if you’re not considering your keywords and SEO performance, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. That’s why Rival IQ includes SEO and SEM data—enabling you to gain insight to improve your content and social media strategy.

In this webinar, Seth teaches how to:

This tutorial is part of our ongoing training program. Check out past recordings as well as upcoming training sessions in the Rival IQ Help Center.

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Cassandra Schwartz

Cassandra joins us from Seattle-based Front Desk, where she was a product marketing manager focusing on product, brand, and communications needs. Prior to Front Desk, Cassandra worked for Microsoft in a number of roles, including time with Xbox working on partner engagement. Outside of work, Cassandra keeps extraordinarily active. She's active in the community and started a peer-mentoring program based in Seattle. As an avid hiker, Cassandra refuses to NOT make it to the top, no matter the obstacle. According to her son, these never-say-die Northwest hikes are a favorite way to spend time with his mom. Follow her on Twitter @cssndrlnn

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