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Since joining Rival IQ last spring, I’ve had the good fortune to speak with dozens of marketing professionals looking to embrace social media as a core activity. While these conversations confirmed much of my own experiences as a digital and communications practitioner, I also heard fresh ideas about the complexity, challenges, and rewards involved in being a modern marketer.

These conversations have dramatically impacted the way Rival IQ thinks about social marketing. While 2016 was a year of explosive growth for Rival IQ, I know that 2017 will be even better because of what we have learned from listening to those engaged in social marketing on a daily basis.

Today we are announcing a big step forward for our company and customers: new packages based on feedback and bundled in the way you want them, providing solutions for specific pain points that you’ve shared with us about your social marketing efforts.


Introducing Rival IQ Grow and Rival IQ Drive

To start, we are introducing two new, lower-priced packages specifically for individuals who want the ability to analyze social media.


Rival IQ Grow is for anyone whose social marketing includes just Facebook and Instagram but still wants to access the rich set of data in our most popular feature, Social Posts. Social Posts allows our customers to dig deep into key metrics like engagement, hashtag frequency, and even emoji use.

Rival IQ Drive is similar to Grow but adds Twitter to the analysis of the most popular social channels.

Available for purchase from within our free trial, both of these new packages help make social media analysis affordable for everyone.


Introducing Rival IQ Benchmark, Rival IQ Influence, and Rival IQ Accelerate

Those of you seeking a solution for more comprehensive social analysis have exciting new options as well.


Rival IQ Benchmark is ideal for anyone most interested in keeping track of the competition. Containing the best of our competitive analytics tools like Boosted Post-Detection, Benchmark makes it easy to stay current on the market and avoid being surprised by competitor activity.


Rival IQ Influence includes all the power of Benchmark with the addition of your organization’s social data through Boosted Post Analytics, Facebook Live metrics, Instant Articles, and our Google Analytics integration, making it an excellent choice for teams looking to track all the most common metrics and data. The early excitement around Influence suggests it may become the most popular package.


Rival IQ Accelerate delivers everything marketers love about our solution in a robust package: multiple years of data, unlimited landscapes, the ability to track dozens of companies, API access, and for the first time, social data will be available in less than hour so you can track social marketing at the speed of social marketing. That sound you just heard was our engineering team dropping the mic.

With these new packages, Rival IQ has a solution for you regardless of your investment in social media. And with the free trial, you can see for yourself.

If you are a current customer–thank you!–your current package and price will not change as a result of today’s news. If you have questions about upgrading to a new package, please contact your CSM who can explain in greater detail.

One of the joys of working at Rival IQ is the positive impact we have on our customers’ businesses. We’re confident these new packages will continue to bring essential social analytics to marketers, helping make informed decisions to drive success.

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John Gallagher

John has made his career working with Seattle-based startups, most recently with DocuSign and Front Desk before joining Rival IQ. After years as a data-driven demand generation marketer, he is, like everyone, shifting his focus to marketing power of social media.

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