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Welcome to the newest Rival IQ product update, holiday style!

As is our new trend, we’re kicking things off with shoutouts. For this holiday version, I need you to sing along at home. “You know JillieneH and CharlesL and PaulineR and DavidP…ColinM and MattE and DannyS and ShaneM. But do you recall, the greatest feedback of allllllll?” OK. We had more feedback than reindeer, so thanks, also, to the rest of the Rival IQ feedback elves: TomZ, SeanN, GregM, and ToddS.

The rain is here, but so are new features!

You often hear that little work gets done between Thanksgiving and the end of the year. Despite various incarnations amongst the team of the cold that SethP has deemed the “walking death,” we’ve been determined to avoid becoming another productivity statistic.

Here are the early holiday gifts we have for all you digital marketing gurus in Rival IQ:

Here’s a look into what else Rival IQ’s LinkedIn analytics includes.

Did you know?

In watching many of you use Rival IQ, we have realized that some of our features are less than discoverable. We’ll get better on this, but in the meantime…

Did you know that “Power Mode” in Analyze let’s you dig deep on your metrics by selecting a custom set of metrics and time periods? Check this out:



Did you know that we have a bookmarklet that lets you follow any company in Rival IQ while browsing the web?


What’s next at Rival IQ?

Bringing the beta to a close. It’s almost general availability time. Let’s face it. Nothing lasts forever, and so must the Rival IQ beta come to a close. During the coming weeks, we’ll be working to get our public website built out, changing our signup flow, and starting our current users on a full-fledged Rival IQ account. Because we really value all that you have added to our product, we will be offering special pricing to all of our beta customers. Expect to see more details soon!

Let us know what you think.

Find something that confuses you, frustrates you, or you think is missing? Have something that you’d like to see improved in Rival IQ? Let us know so that we can make it better. Find something you love? We’d appreciate you letting us know that, too, since that’s the only way we’re getting paid for the moment.

Tell your friends and co-workers about Rival IQ. Each of us at Rival IQ see every piece of feedback that comes in through our support channels. More folks using the product means we get more feedback. Tell your people about Rival IQ. They’ll thank you, and we’ll use their input to make the product better. Everyone wins.

You read to the end again. Congrats, you’re a star.

The Rival IQ Team: John, SethP, and Doc

Seth Bridges

Hey there, I'm Seth, one of the co-founders of Rival IQ, where I stay busy working on product design and marketing! When I'm not working, I'm probably playing with my sons. Follow me on Twitter for rantings and opinions on all the things.

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