Inkwell Media Helps Influential Clients Become More Influential With New “Custom PowerPoint Themes”

Data-Driven Marketing

“Creating a competitive analysis in Rival IQ is one of the key things we do before every initial client meeting… it’s ultimately what frames the conversation”

Luke Blaser is one of the founders of Inkwell Media, an up-and-coming content marketing agency with some cool clients that include photographer Chase Jarvis and the world’s most influential snowboarder, Travis Rice.

Like many agencies, Inkwell spends a large amount of time meeting with companies to showcase the value they bring with detailed social media metrics.

Before meeting with a new company, Luke builds a “landscape” in Rival IQ that includes the company and a few of its close competitors. Rival IQ automatically assembles all the stats, positioning and top social content for the landscape. This provides Luke with quantitative data that he’ll use in framing the presentation, demonstrating the company’s position against competitors on many fronts. This ongoing data reporting also leads to the solutions Inkwell offers to the brand.

It’s a straightforward process that’s key to how Inkwell approaches both new and existing partners. The competitive landscape provides deep, contextual data on how Inkwell’s clients are really doing, a level of information that always resonates with clients.

One of the biggest challenges Inkwell has is finding time to convert the standard PowerPoint reports with Rival IQ branding into a presentation with Inkwell branding. Adding their own logo, color scheme and basic branding elements is a repetitive, time-consuming process.

So with Luke’s help, we developed a simple way to create a “custom theme” for all our export formats (Powerpoint, PDF and PNG).  It’s simple to upload a logo, select a few colors and have a custom theme.  Baam!  Now, whether you are doing a full competitive analysis or just a social media audit, you can select the custom theme for a full report or a single view.  Here’s the app with a custom theme for Inkwell.


And here’s an example of a full themed Rival IQ report including channel analysis, social analytics and top content, created in minutes.  Wouldn’t you want this for every client presentation or your weekly metrics meeting?

[slideshare id=33926135&doc=landscapeoverviewdrinksandbeverages20140326-20140424-140424223949-phpapp02]

Inkwell is a leader in content marketing and relies on Rival IQ to provide the data they need to make smart decisions for their clients.  Luke knows his way around our service and many other social media tools available in the market today. He offered up a few tips in using Rival IQ to drive value for your clients.

– Use Rival IQ weekly “social content update” emails to keep key issues like growth, progress, competition and trends top-of-mind. Share the stats or emails selectively with your clients so they know what is working well. (sample email content from our friends @redbull who are crushing it)

– Consider building additional “landscapes” that include brands that excel at marketing to your target audience, but are not necessarily direct competitors.  Learn what kinds of content works, how much they focus on one channel vs. another and the make-up of their content (e.g. photos vs. links, posting days…).  

 – When considering other tools that measure social reach and engagement, think hard about price/value and how that might change as you scale up to bigger clients, more channels and more followers.  It can get expensive!

We’re excited to have people like Luke and the team at Inkwell using our product and pushing us to make it better.  And, excited to have features like the custom themes ready in our ongoing pursuit of helping marketers save time, know more and be excellent

T.A. McCann

T.A. is the co-founder of Rival IQ, the easiest way to build, analyze and monitor your competitive landscape. In his free time, he enjoys running, biking, swimming, and sailing. You can find him on Twitter, @tamccann

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