Facebook Trends for Brand Pages in 2015

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Despite competition from other platforms, digital marketers still relied on Facebook in 2015. Agencies and in-house marketers worked to prove their worth, building followers and boosting engagement. Meanwhile, publications like the Washington Post wrote about Facebook’s declining growth, a March Facebook-wide fan purge, and ever-changing newsfeed algorithms.

All this talk got us wondering how brands actually performed on Facebook in 2015. Here are the biggest questions we wanted to answer about brands’ performance on Facebook last year.

  1. Was growth slowing or flat, or did brands continue to grow their audiences?
  2. How often are brands posting, and how does that correlate with page audience size, category, and audience engagement? Did posting frequency change over the course of 2015?
  3. Was engagement declining across the board? Were social marketers creating compelling content?

At Rival IQ, we don’t have to just sit and wonder about these things. We also want to empower marketers with data. So we took a year’s worth of data from thousands of companies stored in our database. We dug in and found the most interesting Facebook data and observations from 2015 — and what that may mean for marketers looking to benchmark their success in 2016 and beyond.

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