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Social Media advertising doesn’t have to be a guessing game.

Nathan Okuley, founder and CEO of Angry Bison, joins our Data-Driven Marketer’s series for a tell-all interview on his top social media advertising practices lately, determining a client-channel fit, and the latest news on what the Facebook advertising boycotting means for your ad spend. With our host Seth Bridges, this episode of the Data-Driven Marketer covers advertising on LinkedIn, Tik Tok, top tools to use, and so much more.

Catch the video recording to hear from Nathan, whose big brand and agency experience lend an edge to his advice, as he leaves everything on the table. We love a transparent agency head!

Here’s the video with all the top advertising takeaways and questions we took live:

Thanks for tuning in and asking great questions.

The Data-Driven Marketer is an episodic webinar series at Rival IQ. You can check out past recordings in the DDM Webinar page, plus keep an eye out for more live interviews to come.

If you have more questions about social media metrics or how to be a guest on the Data-Driven Marketer, reach out to us on Twitter.

Christina Everett

Christina is a startup fanatic and an analytics wizard with a serious passion for all things marketing. At Rival IQ she's focused on optimizing our technical SEO, sending out all our emails, advertising, and partnerships. When she’s not working on the latest marketing automation hack or color-coding all our marketing plans, she can be found playing team sports and hiking around the PNW.

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