Putting LinkedIn to Work For Your Brand

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LinkedIn is so much more than a job search platform, have you unlocked it’s full potential for your brand?

Rival IQ founder & Head of Product and Marketing, Seth Bridges, talks with LinkedIn’s own Amber Naslund, Sr. Content Marketing Evangelist currently with past experience at Hootsuite, Salesforce, and Gettys alum. Amber puts her 20+ years of marketing expertise into her work, and joins Rival IQ to talk all things marketing on LinkedIn in an authentic and intentional way.

Watch the webinar below where Amber and Seth talk about what works on LinkedIn for your brand, for a B2B company, and leveraging your employee advocacy in an authentic way.


Curious about LinkedIn’s recent algorithm changes? Here’s their Product Manager’s helper article on the nod toward authentic engagement and interaction on the platform.

The Data-Driven Marketers Webinar Series is an ongoing episodic series at Rival IQ. You can check out past recordings in the DDM Webinar page, plus keep an eye out for more to come.

If you have more questions about the report, webinar, or how to get featured, reach out to us on Twitter or via email.

Plus follow Amber on LinkedIn, where she posts in-depth content about authentic marketing, plus actionable tips on generating content people actually want to engage with.


Christina Everett

Christina is a startup fanatic and an analytics wizard with a serious passion for all things marketing. At Rival IQ she's focused on optimizing our technical SEO, sending out all our emails, advertising, and partnerships. When she’s not working on the latest marketing automation hack or color-coding all our marketing plans, she can be found playing team sports and hiking around the PNW.

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