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3 Ways to Add Video Marketing to Your 2016 Strategy

Video Marketing 2016

When you think “video marketing” what’s the first thing you think of? Probably YouTube. Since its launch in 2005, YouTube has dominated the online video arena. And in the past year, Facebook videos have become more popular for brands looking to engage their audiences. Paying attention to the top innovations in online video can help you understand how you can incorporate video into your marketing efforts and better engage your audience. We’ll review the top trends in online video in 2015 and then dive into 3 ways you can incorporate video into your 2016 marketing efforts.

Top 3 Trends for Video Marketing in 2015

#1. Live Streaming

At the start of this 2015, social media users were buzzing about a new online video experience – live video streaming from smartphones. If you were paying attention to the social media sphere at all in March, all anyone could talk about was Meerkat. Then, within a month of Meerkat’s launch, came Periscope.

Periscope Video Marketing

Skiing Down the Mountain on Periscope

Periscope and Meerkat are both smartphone apps that can be used to create and view live video feeds. Their exponential adoption rates (within four months, Periscope had over 10 million user accounts!) reflect a viewer preference for interaction. Live streams are refreshing. They give you an inside view into a potentially unfamiliar world. Ever wondered what it would be like to spend a day at racing school? Check out a live stream by Skip Barber Racing School some time.

While it’s fun to read posts and see pictures posted by your role models, favourite athletes, celebrities, etc. – seeing what’s happening in their world as they experience it makes you feel like you’re involved. This involvement is an exciting new way for companies and individuals to interact with their audiences across the Internet.

#2. Video Audience Segmenting

When it comes to content marketing, we talk about audience segmenting all the time but things haven’t been as clear-cut with video. Vine, YouTube, and Facebook all developed targeted offerings in 2015. Both Vine and YouTube rolled out kid-focused apps this past year as well. While the obvious convenience for parental controls is appealing to parents, it also means advertisers have a more refined audience channel to target.

YouTube also launched YouTube Gaming and YouTube Red in 2015, attempting to optimize user experiences for unique audiences – gamers and high-octane video consumers. Facebook even rolled out a new Video Playlist feature in 2015 that’s quite similar to YouTube’s. How does this relate to audience segmentation? It’s simple: brands now have more control over the way their audiences browse through their Facebook videos. You can create playlists of videos for each of your unique audiences!

#3. Enhancing Interactivity

If you consider the popularity of live streams in 2015, both YouTube and Facebook have taken note and updated their capabilities. In August, Facebook launched live streaming for celebrities, Live for Facebook Mentions. Then, in early December, they announced that they’re testing the ability for any Facebook user to share live video on Facebook too!

Video Marketing YouTube Cards

Photo Courtesy of: YouTube.com

YouTube updated their interactive capabilities with YouTube Cards. In addition to annotations, you can use YouTube cards to call viewers’ attention to other videos, merchandise, playlists, websites, and more. YouTube cards offer a variety of new, visually enticing ways to prompt viewer interactions.

3 Easy Ways to Incorporate Video Marketing In Your 2016 Efforts

No matter what kind of video you plan to offer your audiences in 2016, focus on making it interactive to capture attention and increase engagement!

#1. Live Stream

New to video? Tight on budget? Worried you don’t have what it takes to create a full-blown video? Keep things simple and use the best that 2015 had to offer you! Hop on Periscope and live stream to your social media audiences. While your world might seem boring to you, that could just be because you’re so used to living it every day. Your audience might think otherwise! All you need is a smartphone and a catchy stream description, and then you can invite your followers to interact with you. Worried no one will be watching? You can record your live video streams for your audiences to view later!

#2. Create Short, Personalized Videos

Live streaming make you a little anxious? Not ready to engage your customers on the spot? Pretend you’re Facetiming or Skyping a customer or prospect and record away. (And don’t forget to share these videos on social media!). You can record your answer to popular questions or reflect on the ways your customers have inspired you. Heck, go ahead and create a video for a specific customer or prospect, the personal touch will make them feel special because you’ve taken the time to answer them specifically. It’ll be as if you’ve handwritten a note but in a modern way. Looking for some examples? Dell and Warby Parker use personalized videos to interact with their customers!

#DellLove Video Marketing

#3. Produce Interactive Videos

If you’re comfortable publishing videos to YouTube, make sure you check out the new YouTube cards and understand how they work so you can seamlessly incorporate them. If you’re looking for more control over an interactive video journey, you can use a free web app called Treehouse by Interlude to create a number of different journeys from one set of video clips. You can share videos directly from Interlude to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+!

Try Some Video Marketing in 2016

We live in a screen-focused world, so video isn’t going anywhere any time soon. But you don’t have to create award-winning films to captivate your audiences. Be honest, listen, and invite your followers to interact with you via video!

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  1. Video marketing like live streams seems to be very huge right now, it’s funny because there won’t be no books on the matter because it’s so new

  2. I love the idea of these new video platforms and features that allow interactive communication. I didn’t really understand Periscope at first, and thought it was kind of dumb. Once I started using it, I realized it was a huge way that companies and brands can connect with their customer base on an even more personal level.

    • Cara Shorey says:

      I’m with you, it took some seat time with Periscope for me to believe in and understand its value. Thanks for sharing your own personal experience with the platform!

      I have to admit, I also felt the way you did towards Periscope with SnapChat for quite a while. I kept downloading the app only to delete it a few days later because I couldn’t grasp why someone would snap a picture rather than just text it. But once I tried to seek out different individuals or brands to follow, and really started browsing through the platform as well, I found that there’s just something about a video experience that feels direct – as if someone is sending a video or image right to you – that is engaging in and of itself. I think sharing videos and images from phones/handheld devices makes it easy to capture personal experiences because the point of view to the audience is coming right from your own device.

  3. Great post!

    Agreed, quality videos and something shareable. It could be tips, guide, or review.

  4. thank Cara Shorey for sharing.

  5. Useful tips, thank you.
    I’m really interested in interactive communication, as the agency I work for is starting to make Content Marketing videos and one of my main concerns is that people could find them boring. Enhancing interactivity seems to be an effective way to solve this problem: I’ll start from your suggestions. Thanks for sharing!

  6. The problem with interactive media is that it only benefits the extrovert. Many people who run businesses don’t have a desire of bing in front of the camera. Live video is a great concept but it may be a bit before people really catch on to it’s power, because it requires people to step out of their comfort zone.

    • Cara Shorey says:

      Hi Amy!
      I think you make an interesting point about how video marketing benefits the extrovert, I definitely agree that it’ll force many to step out of their comfort zones. There may be an opportunity for those who run the business to tap into their team, perhaps those who regularly interface with customers might be more comfortable on camera – but then we wonder, “who should be the face of the business?” Even then, I think it’s all about how you introduce/deliver the person in the video 🙂
      It could create opportunities for different sales reps or support reps to develop their own followings, where some personalities may be more inviting for some customers than others (kind of like match making) – customers can choose and possibly become loyal to a certain rep. Alternatively, a company could really make sure they’ve clearly communicated on their brand values and communication styles to ensure a consistent culture and attitude across all team members – so then, even if there are a variety of people speaking in videos, the customer’s experience and perception of a company still remains consistent.
      I think the other key takeaway from your observation is that there’s an opportunity right now for those who are willing to get in front of the camera. If it will take some time to catch on, then those who can dive in today can take advantage of video to differentiate the way they approach their audience!

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