3 Things I Learned on Day 1 of MozCon 2015

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MozCon 2015

This morning, I got to take a break from my normal routine and spend the day at MozCon! After Rand’s kickstart to the day, we were treated with an entire day of fantastic speakers. Since the list of learnings from today’s panelists is endless, here are our top three learnings from the day.

MozCon Day One: 3 Things I Learned

1. Create a Brand Strategy and Live It

When thinking about your brand strategy, mission, and values, remember that it isn’t about the document. It is about every interaction your customers and potential customers have with your company. It is about your internal decision-making processes, from how you market to how you hire. Your employees need to believe in your mission and live your values.

As explained by Dana DiTomaso, when creating your brand strategy, start with your core values. May those be a mission statement or brand brief. Express your brand like a human being. Here are some basic steps to follow when building a brand strategy:

MozCon 2015 Dana DiTomaso

2. Create Discoverable Content

There are 2.5 million blog posts published every day. That may explains why your content isn’t always being discovered. However, that doesn’t mean you should give up. Here are some tips by Matthew Brown on how to make your content stick:

MozCon 2015 Cara Harshman

3. Personalization Enhances Customer Experience

Personalization can help your company build a relationship with your customers. By investing in personalization, you are that much closer to closing a sale. As Cara Harshman frankly stated, the one-size-fits-all web is dead and plain old lazy. It’s time to start delivering content that will help your customer convert. So, how should you go about implementing personalization? Well, there is a framework for that. Here are the three components of personalization:

The power of personalization is in how you wield it. Give your visitors the experience they are expecting.

“Great marketing feels right!”

There is no better way to wrap up day one of MozCon than with this fantastic quote by Dana DiTomaso.

Also, you can download each presenter’s complete deck here: https://moz.com/mozcon#schedule

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