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TikTok performance at a glance: Every like, comment, and share in one place along with campaign performance, video views, and more.

Monitor and outperform your TikTok competition: Build a custom landscape of your competitors for up-to-the-minute leaderboard standings for who’s posting the most and who’s earning the most engagement.

Automated insights about your posts and metrics: Use insights and observations about your brand’s performance, email alerts, custom dashboards, and more to stay ahead of your brand’s rivals.

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Top performing videos

Zero in on videos with the highest engagement to spot patterns and see (or steal) winning strategies.

Best times to post

Tailored to your followers and your time zone, we’ve got the data you need to reach your target audience at the time and day where they’re most active on TikTok.

Competitive insights

Go beyond the stats with rich observations about how your TikTok performance stacks up against your main rival.

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