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View the lifetime performance of your videos with Rival IQ’s YouTube Analytics.

Measure and Refine Your Brand's YouTube Marketing Strategy

Optimize your YouTube performance with insights into your top YouTube content. With our analytics, you'll build a stronger audience and maximize your YouTube engagement. See what videos are getting the most views, likes, dislikes, and comments across your competitive YouTube landscape.

YouTube Social Posts Analysis

Benchmark Using Detailed Competitive Metrics

Create a winning data-driven YouTube marketing strategy. Know how fast your competitors are gaining channel subscribers, how often they post, and their average video lifetime engagement rate.

YouTube Marketing Detailed Metrics

Analyze Your YouTube Successes Against Other Social Channels

Measure your YouTube performance against Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube and more. Compare engagement rate, audience size and growth across social networks.

Export any report you see in the product as a PNG, PDF, CSV, or PPT with customized branding.

Cross-channel Social Media Analytics

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