Google+ Analytics for Global Marketers

Go beyond +1’s and start putting context around your metrics with Rival IQ’s Google+ Analytics.

Measure and Refine Your Brand's Google+ Marketing Strategy

Build a stronger audience, create more engaging content, and maximize engagement. See what posts are getting the most +1’s, comments, and shares across your competitive Google+ landscape.

Google+ Marketing Top Social Content

Benchmark Using Detailed Competitive Metrics

Create a competitive Google+ marketing strategy. Know how fast your competitors are growing on Google+, how often they post, and their average engagement rate.

Google+ Marketing Detailed Social Metrics

Analyze Your Google+ Successes Against Other Social Channels

Measure your Google+ performance against Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube and more. Compare engagement rate, audience size and growth across social networks.

Export any report you see in the product as a PNG, PDF, CSV, or PPT with customized branding.

Cross-channel Social Media Analytics

Ready to dig into your Google+ analytics?

Get detailed metrics about your Google+ performance, competitive insights, and export custom reports all in one tool.