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“We have so many followers and fans on our social channels, but why aren’t they liking, sharing, or engaging with our content? Are we posting into a vacuum? And why do our competitors’ content seem to go viral when they post? What are we missing!?”

Does that conversation sound like your office on a Monday morning? It’s easy to point the finger at the issue, but how do you fix it? Where do you begin in attempting to figure out the secret sauce that makes social media buzz?


Actionable insights for engagement

We want to help you solve the engagement puzzle, so we published the “Higher Ed Social Media Engagement Report” to give you actionable insights to accomplish just that. We used our digital marketing competitive analysis software to gather a mountain of useful data on the effectiveness of social media for over 300 leading colleges and universities across the country.

We looked at posts from June 2015 through May 2016, and then our friends at Up&Up used their considerable expertise in higher ed marketing to rank effectiveness, provide deep analysis and highlight best practices.

Our study has identified who is driving the most engagement with social media–including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram–and showed which universities are winning at engaging their audiences via social. Use these valuable insights to ramp up engagement. We have “mini case studies” and examples for you to follow.

Where do you rank?

Curious to know where your college or university ranks? The complete list of 338 colleges and universities is available in the full report. Download the report to find out.

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Danica Benson

Originally from the Portland Metro Area, Danica migrated north to work as a marketer in the startup arena after earning her MBA. She’s a small business advocate bringing her passion to the tech world. Outside of the office, Danica spends her free time on outdoor adventures and exploring the great city of Seattle.

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