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Consumers are numb to conventional advertising, but they’re starving for stories. Modern marketing platforms enable brands to tell stories that connect with the consumers they seek. Whether it’s a common interest or future dream, consumers want to see themselves in the ads of products they love.

The latest marketing tools are geared toward telling stories, no matter how short. Vine, Twitter’s six-second micro-blogging platform, enables users to create short, looping videos. Businesses are using this free mobile app to spread messages in unconventional ways. These stories are quick and digestible — exactly the kind of content users love to share. If you’re looking to boost your brand awareness, Vine is a sneaky-good way to create and share content. Here are a few ways that you can incorporate vine into your marketing strategy.

Using Products

Vine demands viewers’ attention for just six seconds, so clarity is key. Retail brands use Vine to show off the products in a fun and exciting way. Samsung created a stop-motion animation of a basketball player traveling through three different Samsung devices. The player climbs up the three mobile displays before dunking a basketball in emphatic fashion. It’s a creative, impressive way to show off Samsung’s line of phones and tablets. Viewers may be prompted to search for the best cell phone coverage after they see these large-screened gadgets. When you see it on loop it’s hard to look away – and what’s better than that?

Giving Advice

Home-repair retailer, Lowe’s uses this storytelling platform to provide useful tips to their viewers. Lowe’s is well known for its #lowesfixinsix series, which offers easy home-repair tips via short videos. Vine doesn’t get any direct advertising from this campaign, but it earns valuable brand points from followers who appreciate the advice. A recent #lowesfixinsix Vine suggests lemons as a a home remedy for water stains. The chrome shower accessories look brand new after they’re scrubbed down with lemons. Add a catchy caption and you’re on your way to a successful Vine.

Making an Entrance

Vine isn’t a traditional marketing platform, so you don’t need to follow traditional rules. Clothing brand Lacoste made its entrance with a Vine that didn’t promote a new product or include a call to action. It was just cool. On the Internet, cool is good. In the Vine below, the signature Lacoste alligator comes to life from a t-shirt patch. It resembles something you would see before a movie starts, and it’s nothing short of impressive.

Making a Scene

Some brands use these six-second snippets to be as loud as possible. Trident pumped its multi-flavored gum with color, music and a giant stuffed teddy bear. Watch it enough times and you’ll have the little jingle stuck in your head. If all else fails, don’t be boring when you post on Vine. An energetic six seconds can go a long way toward boosting your brand.

Don’t Waste More Time – Get on Vine!

Vine is a really great way to inject some fun into your brand. Even better, these 6 second videos, if done correctly, can be easily shared and increase brand awareness. There’s no time like the present – so whip out your phone, download this app, and start experimenting. Good luck!


Kellie Conway

Recent graduate from the University of Arizona with a degree in Journalism, minor in Communications. I love movies, hiking, and running. I'm not 100% sure of where I'm going, but I love every second of it!

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