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fbYou’re trying to build a community using your social channels, and you post all the time.  Perhaps your competitors post more than you, perhaps they post less. The question is, “are you getting the social engagement from your communities that will eventually help you to your goals?”

We’ve recently released our Facebook Engagement Metrics that make it easy for you to see who in your landscape actually has engaged communities, both relative to the size of their community and in absolute terms.

Want to see these features in action? Read Danielle’s most recent blog post, What Nail Polish Can Teach You About Amazing Customer Engagement.

Has your account expired? Email and let us know you’d like an extension to give our new Facebook Engagement metrics a spin!

Here’s an example. Taking a look at some digital marketing companies, the plot below shows a count of Facebook posts (during the last 7 days) versus community engagement with those posts, relative to the size of each company’s Facebook following.  As you can see, HubSpot certainly posts a lot, but as a function of the size of their Facebook network, Marketo and Unbounce get way more engagement on average.  Want to do analyses like this in Rival IQ?  It’s easy, so go log in now.


Just posting a lot on Facebook doesn’t get the job done.

Internet Explorer, You’re Cool With Us Now

ieSo, it may or may not be true that all the cool kids have Macs.  Your coolness notwithstanding, if your I.T. guy (or gal) had your P.C. locked down tighter than Fort Knox and IE was your browser, “No Rival IQ for you!” Though it is hard for me to imagine a computer without Chrome, Safari, or Firefox, apparently they exist.

So, in the love-everyone-equally spirit, Rival IQ now supports Internet Explorer 9 and Internet Explorer 10. Get some.


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