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It’s no longer enough to know who your audience is, narrow down what kind of content they love, and then rinse and repeat.

Rather, you have to command attention; you have to cut through the noise of your competitors to reach audiences that are chronically inundated with ads and branded content.

Luckily, with so many new features added to the top social platforms on a regular basis, you have a lot of options. Use the following social features to cut through the noise, engage with potential customers, and build a stronger, more effective brand presence.

Tell a Story and Be in the Moment

Storytellers are turning to video in 2017, from big brands to influencers and social media power-users. Social media platforms are responding, each with their own version of video storytelling. Here are a few ways to cut through the noise with some of the newest and most popular options.

Instagram Stories

Snapchat saw an 82 percent decrease in growth when Instagram Stories was released. Instead of wasting time on Snap, head back to Instagram, where you likely already have a presence to capitalize on. The key is figuring out how to stand out with the new feature. Here are a few ideas:

New Social Features for Businesses - Instagram Stories

Twitter Moments

The average half-life of a Tweet is 24 minutes. With Twitter Moments, you can cut through the clutter and get more eyes on tweets that seem to disappear into the Twitter chaos.

While little public data on the number of people who view Twitter Moments, Mashable reports that the feature has experienced substantial growth. “[Andrew] Fitzgerald, Director of Curation for Twitter, did not provide specifics, but categorized the tool as having ‘grown enormously’ and having ‘built a larger audience in one year than most major digital properties have grown in 10.’”

This personalized “feed” allows you to showcase your best tweets, promote a product, service or event, and even highlight users who are tweeting about your brand. Fitzgerald told Mashable that the most popular categories for Moments are news and trending hashtags, so keep that in mind as you curate your feed.

Test Next-Level Social Ad Features

Social media has become a pay-to-play arena for brands. With changes in Facebook and Instagram’s algorithm and newsfeed, it’s getting harder and harder to earn engagement with organic posts.

However, with the sheer size of these social platforms’ user bases, businesses can’t ignore them as a marketing tool. Spending money to target your audience, and put your brand in front of them is quickly becoming the norm for organizations of all sizes.

Here are some new features that can help you cut through the noise.

Facebook Ads and Marketing Features

New Social Features for Businesses - Product Tagging


Look out for updates and changes with the new Facebook camera interface. Being a new feature, you can be sure that what you see now is only the beginning. Custom, branded frames and effects are coming soon, according to a Facebook Product Manager.

Instagram Ads

LinkedIn Ad Options

LinkedIn has revamped their marketing opportunities for brands, and there are two important options to test.

Customize Your Facebook Page With Templates


Facebook recently rolled out new template profile options for business pages, with built-in features that allow you to showcase your business most effectively. Templates include:

Each one uses different buttons and tabs to highlight the most important parts of your business and drive engagement. For example, the “services” template highlights the shop, service listings, reviews and offers tabs while the “restaurant and cafes” includes events and jobs, which may be more applicable to this industry. This allows you to capture the attention of a visitor and immediately direct them to the most important areas of your page, reducing the friction of an unorganized page.

The world of social is changing at lightning speed. Luckily, many of the newest features are built to help businesses reach their target audience. Use them to cut through the noise and get in front of the people who care most about your brand and what you have to offer.

Jessica Thiefels

Jessica Thiefels has been writing and editing for more than ten years and spent the last five years in marketing. She recently stepped down from a senior marketing position to focus on growing her own startup and consulting for small businesses. She's been featured on Forbes and has written for sites such as Lifehack, Inman, Manta, StartupNation and more. When she's not working, she's enjoying sunny San Diego with her husband and friends or traveling somewhere new. Follow her on Twitter @Jlsander07.

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