Marketing Resolutions to Rock the New Year

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Marketing Resolutions for New Year

The most popular resolutions every year are fairly basic: Lose weight, stop smoking or get more exercise. But I want to focus on resolutions that don’t just impact your personal health but the health and fitness level of your business! We need marketing resolutions that lead us down the path to marketing Nirvana – that happy place where your sales pipeline is full, nothing is on fire, and no PR disasters are playing out on Twitter.

Here are my eleven marketing resolutions that I hope will help you set priorities. Hopefully, you can build some of these into your marketing plan and scorecard, so they don’t fizzle out before the champagne gets warm.

Resolution #1:  Build my Influencer Network

This year, I will attend at least one conference where I will build my network, learn new things, hobnob with the best in the business and drink numerous cocktails. And it will be in a warm, sunny place. The sun will glisten on the oiled bodies of tanned pool boys who will bring me cocktails as I liveblog from the pool. (sorry, got a little carried away. Note to self: Google marketing conferences in Hawaii)

Ok, the point of this resolution is building out your personal and professional network. Do you know the right people. Is your business working with the most powerful influencers impacting your market? Put together a plan to build relationships that can help you with your marketing.

Resolution #2:  Participate in Hashtag Chats

Join hashtag chats

I will participate in hashtag chats every week to expand my reach and gain new perspective from people in my industry. I will prepare insightful remarks in advance and dazzle my peers with my brilliance and wit. When I run out of brilliance and wit, I will mention bacon.

Resolution #3:  Use Segmentation Marketing

I will dig deep into my data to learn more about my customers. With this knowledge, I will segment my mailing lists to avoid things like the great Depends disaster of ’04 (Turns out people under 30 don’t appreciate emails about adult diapers as much as you might think).

It’s important we don’t treat all customers the same. Data can help you segment your audience, so your messages are more tailored and specific. This, in turn, has proven to result in stronger conversion rates and happier customers.

Resolution #4:  Explore New Technologies & Tools

New Marketing Tools

I will explore one new technology tool every month. This will include expanding my social network into unexplored territory (Pinterest recently launched paid ads in the form of promoted pins…hmmm), and checking out new analytics tools. Curalate is on the top of my list; it looks awesome.

Resolution #5:  Pay Attention to Emerging Trends

Marketing Trends

I will learn about the future of marketing by staying abreast of emerging trends. I’ve seen Minority Report twice, but not sure that counts. I will read new research and try to figure out the next wave of marketing, especially on social media and SEO. I will use this intelligence to improve my marketing and anticipate next steps in the market.

Resolution #6:  Brainstorm New Ideas

I will spend more time brainstorming new ideas than I spend on Candy Crush. As soon as I beat the next level, I’ll stop, I swear. Seriously, I will work to step back and collaborate with others to come up with new and creative ways to market or use our existing channels in new ways.

Resolution #7:  Run A/B Tests

I will stop assuming my subject lines are genius and run A/B testing. I’m sure they are genius; it’s just easier to convince the clients with numbers. And I will admit that sometimes A/B testing shows me how to be even more of a genius the next time! Plus, if I’m really doing my segmentation marketing, I need to improve how my subject lines speak specifically to those segments of my users or leads.

Resolution #8:  Really Love My Customers

Customer SatisfactionI will stop treating customers like family. My sister is a horrible gossip, weird Uncle Paul always smells funny, and I’m afraid cousin Denny will set the cat on fire. Who wants to be treated like them?

I’ll start start treating my customers like Johnny Depp showed up at my house for dinner. Him, I’d want to impress. So he’d come back.

I will pay as much attention to existing customers as to reeling in shiny new sales. New sales may be the hot Siracha, but existing customers are the meat in the marketing hamburger.

Resolution #9:  Try New Marketing Tactics

I will be brave and willing to try new marketing tactics without expecting an immediate return. I will set clear metrics, so we can measure what is successful and not or how to adapt our new tactics to attempt improved results. But I will be patient and give these new strategies time to prove out or not.

I’ll also deliver an impassioned speech about investing in long-term strategy to clients, and they will totally  understand and not insist that we end every tweet and post with “buy from us now” (this may be more of a dream than a resolution!).

Resolution #10:  Do Mobile Marketing, Really

I will make sure my emails and landing pages are mobile friendly. Is there anything more annoying than reading a three-page email with multiple links buried in the text on a mobile phone? (well, possibly cat videos) I may not be at mobile first yet, but I will make sure that everything I do at least doesn’t suck on a mobile experience.

Resolution #11:  Track My Competition

I will pay attention to my competitors to figure out what they are doing better and what their customers complain about. I will use tools and analytics, since I’ve already started using new tools as an earlier resolution, so I really know what’s going on.

Then, I can plan total market domination. After that, I can take over the world. I will become Monsanto.

Cruise Line Facebook Competitive Analysis

A cruise line competitive analysis of Facebook post engagement. Source: Rival IQ

What are Your Marketing Resolutions?

What are your marketing resolutions for the coming year? World domination? Improved conversion rates? Attempting to have a strategy? Whatever it is, do it with zest, and share with us in the comments. Happy New Year!

Sharon Black

Sharon Black is a veteran copywriter and marketer. She loves writing about the challenges and rewards of marketing, at least when she's not pondering the challenges facing her on World of Warcraft. She has been known to serve as part of the grammar police force, but mostly when she is in the official role as editor.

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