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We’ve been working on Rival IQ for quite some time and I’m excited to say the feature I’ve most requested has finally surfaced! Despite powerful web dashboards, email alerts and mobile delivery, when it comes to communicating key business ideas and metrics, most people end up in PowerPoint. With this in mind, our rockstar developers have hacked their little hearts away to give you PowerPoint presentations with the simple click of a button. Now you can get all your competitive stats and insights in beautiful, editable slides and be ready in minutes for a board meeting or client presentation.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Create a collection of companies you want to analyze (we call it a “landscape”)
  2. Export any of our snazzy graphs as a single slide or generate full landscape reports
  3. Bam! You’re done and ready to crush your presentation. It usually takes a few minutes for our software to do all of this fancy work, so we encourage you to check out the rest of our blog or grab a coffee with a co-worker. After all, we are saving you hours of work in compiling and preparing the data, now you’ve got time for all sorts of fun!

We have also been playing around with a few sample landscapes from some leading brands to demonstrate the power of this feature.

Sample Landscape: Top Fashion Brands

Newcomers are leading the conversation and the more established brands are starting to feel “so last season”. Can you guess who is going to win the consumer over time?

[slideshare id=28134794&doc=landscapeoverviewfashionbrands-131111181603-phpapp02&w=500&h=375]

Click here to explore the Top Fashion Brands in your own Rival IQ account.

Sample Landscape: Las Vegas Hotels

These folks get Facebook better than almost anyone else we are tracking. Regardless of your marketing focus, you can learn a bit by reading these cards.

[slideshare id=28096081&doc=landscape-overview-vegas-hotels-131110174239-phpapp01&w=500]

Click here to explore the Autos Landscape in your own Rival IQ account.

Sample Landscape: Marketing Automation Softwares

If you’re a B2B player, what better way to gain valuable insight than checking out how other B2B players are doing on social media? There’s lots to be learned from these marketing automation software companies.

[slideshare id=28135039&doc=landscapeoverviewmarketingautomationsoftware-131111182914-phpapp02&w=500]

Click here to explore the Marketing Automation Softwares Landscape in your own Rival IQ account.

Rival IQ is all about saving marketers time and making you look good. What are you waiting for, become the star of your next marketing meeting now by signing up for Rival IQ – your first 30 days are on us!


T.A. McCann

T.A. is the co-founder of Rival IQ, the easiest way to build, analyze and monitor your competitive landscape. In his free time, he enjoys running, biking, swimming, and sailing. You can find him on Twitter, @tamccann

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